On the way to 100% renewable!

For over 30 years we are working for a sustainable future. Climate protection and resource conservation is our driving force. 100% -renewable is our goal. The expansion of renewable energy and energy efficiency is our mission.

In this spirit, our customers realize energy- and property-projects. And we offer the technical, economic and procedural knowledge.

From short therm consulting over planning, construction and operation of technical equipment to "embedded expert" for longterm (in-house)tasks we are engaged by our customers.

Ecology and Economy is no contradiction. Both is required for the transformation of our energysystem and evident for our recommendations to you.

Technology - Efficiency - Project Management

invecco offers expertise and services for the realization and the quality of your investments.

We support you from initial idea to the ongoing operation of your power plant.

  • Market and needs analysis - if you want to know where your capital is best applied
  • Procurement and project evaluation - if the investment decision done and you are looking for the right project
  • Project realization - if you need a competent partner for a tender and the supervision of plant construction
  • Plant operation - if you have technical and commercial management to delegate

Faster - economical - safe

We ensure the quality of your investments!

Quality is the best guarantee for your return. Our services are 100% quality in the service of your investment in technical and economic terms. Here we advise independently of manufacturers, system suppliers and project developers. 
You benefit from your investment decision of our expertise. Get your flexibility with our services.You can get security through our quality benchmarks.

Who is invecco?

invecco – assure your investment

invecco was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Uwe K. Ilgemann in 2008. Task of invecco is to provide the extensive experience of over 30 years of project activity to institutional investors and energy companies.

  • Since 1988 working in the field of renewable energy
  • 10 years of consulting experience with energy companies, public institutions and associations
  • 20 years in leading positions in science and economy
  • Comprehensive experience in developing, financing and implementation of photovoltaic projects in Europe